Chicago Family Law Attorneys

Chicago Family Law Attorneys

Many people equate family law with divorce, but there is a good deal more to it than just divorce. Families can face a range of civil legal matters that arise both in relation to divorce and outside divorce, and an experienced Chicago family law attorney can help. 

Family Law Matters

Family law matters are as diverse as the families who experience them, but some primary family law concerns include:

The Terms of Divorce and Modifications

In Illinois, the divorce basics include:

  •  Marital assets refer to those assets you came to own while you were married – regardless of which spouse’s name is attached – and these assets must be divided between you fairly in the event of divorce. 
  • Child custody breaks down into decision-making authority and how you and your ex will split your overnights with your shared children. 
  • Child support is calculated in accordance with state guidelines, but the higher earner usually has the payment obligation
  • Alimony only applies when divorce leaves one ex unfairly disadvantaged financially. 

All but the division of marital assets can be modified post-decree, and child custody and child support can also be addressed entirely outside of marriage and divorce. 

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements differ in relation to when they are created and implemented, but they are both contracts that guide how specific terms of divorce will be resolved in the event it becomes necessary. Not only do these agreements not hasten divorce or condemn a marriage to divorce, but they can actually help strengthen the marriage. 


When a child’s parents are not married in the state of Illinois at the time of their birth, the child’s father must be determined through the establishment of paternity. This can be as easy as both parents agreeing on the matter and filing a signed document attesting to paternity with the court, or it can be more complicated and involve the court ordering DNA testing. The establishment of paternity can benefit everyone involved in all the following ways:

  • The mother and child benefit financially in terms of child support and other financial assistance that may flow from the father’s work, such as health insurance, or from the father’s status as a veteran
  • The father and child have the opportunity to form a strong familial bond
  • The mother can share the seemingly endless duties of being a single parent

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