Chicago High Asset Divorce Lawyer

Chicago High Asset Divorce Lawyer

If you are facing a high asset divorce, it is essential to hire an experienced attorney who can protect your rights and assets. A high asset divorce involves a significant amount of wealth and requires special attention to detail in terms of property division, spousal support, child custody, and support.

Hammer Serna & Quinn, LLC has years of experience navigating the complexities of these cases, and our team understands the unique challenges that high asset divorces present. The necessity to protect significant financial interests calls for experienced legal representation, which is precisely what Hammer Serna & Quinn, LLC offers. 

The Importance of a High Asset Divorce Lawyer

In the realm of divorce proceedings, those involving high assets stand apart due to their complexity. They require a nuanced understanding of not only the law but also finance and business valuation. It becomes essential to have a Chicago high asset divorce lawyer by your side who can shield your rights and ensure a fair division of property.

Dividing Assets in a High Asset Divorce

In a high asset divorce, the division of assets can be one of the most contentious issues. Illinois is an equitable distribution state, which means that marital property must be divided fairly but not necessarily equally. This can become complicated when significant assets such as businesses, investments, and multiple properties are involved.

Our attorneys have a deep understanding of the laws governing the division of assets in Illinois and can help you navigate through this process. We work closely with financial experts to accurately value all marital assets, including hidden or complex assets, to ensure a fair distribution. 

Spousal Support and Child Support

In high asset divorces, alimony (also known as spousal support) is often a significant point of contention. Courts consider many factors, including the length of the marriage, each party’s earning potential, and their standard of living during the marriage, when determining spousal support.

Additionally, child support calculations can be complicated in high asset divorces. Our attorneys have extensive experience representing clients in these matters and can help you secure a fair outcome. 

Comprehensive Consultation and Case Preparation

A high asset divorce attorney’s role is multifaceted. Initially, they guide you through a comprehensive consultation, explaining the process and answering any questions. This conversation is crucial, providing an opportunity to understand your case’s intricacies and prepare a strategic approach tailored to your specific needs.

Meticulous Asset Evaluation

Your attorney then assists you in meticulously cataloging your assets to ascertain their true value. In high asset divorces, this inventory often includes substantial financial holdings, real estate, businesses, and other significant investments. A thorough evaluation of these assets is critical to ensure a fair distribution.

Protecting Your Interests and Assets

Hammer Serna & Quinn, LLC recognizes the importance of safeguarding your assets and obtaining a fair settlement. Our team works relentlessly to protect your interests, ensuring no detail is overlooked. We leverage their extensive network of experts in taxation, finance, business valuation, and forensic accounting to ensure an accurate valuation of marital property.

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If you find yourself facing a divorce involving significant financial assets, choosing a Chicago high asset divorce lawyer from Hammer Serna & Quinn, LLC is a wise decision. Our experienced team can traverse the intricacies of high asset divorces and staunchly protect your interests throughout the process. Reach out to Hammer Serna & Quinn, LLC today to schedule a consultation and ensure that your rights are protected in your high asset divorce case.

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