Chicago High Asset Divorce Lawyers

Chicago High Asset Divorce Lawyers

When there are assets of considerable value involved in a divorce, dividing up marital property presents tough challenges. Illinois law encourages couples to agree on property distribution, but this often isn’t possible in a high asset divorce. A judge must step in to make a fair and equitable arrangement, so the ensuing courtroom battle can be lengthy and expensive. 

The divorce attorneys at Hammer Serna & Quinn, LLC, know that meticulous attention to detail is critical in all property division matters, especially where complex, high-value assets are at stake. Our legal team can assist you in making informed decisions pursuant to a fair and reasonable agreement with your spouse. If compromise isn’t possible, we’ll take the fight to court where necessary to protect your interests in a high asset divorce.

Division of Property in an Illinois Divorce

By definition, a high net worth divorce involves valuable assets; however, these cases are further complicated by how the assets are held and the Illinois legal requirements for dividing them fairly and equitably. Mistakes are common, even among legal professionals, so it’s critical to retain a lawyer that has specific experience in high asset divorces.  Further, your attorney must have an extensive understanding of corporate business structures, the different taxations of these corporate entities, and an understanding of trust law as many highly valuable assets are held in trusts. 

At Hammer Serna & Quinn, LLC, our legal team will ensure that your divorce is on your own terms. We assist high-income professionals, business owners, and trust beneficiaries with such issues as:

  • Settlement Negotiations: Some couples have little confidence in the possibility of coming to an agreement on the distribution of marital assets, but a lawyer can facilitate compromise even when the situation looks bleak. An attorney that understands the law can take emotion out of the process while still enforcing your rights.
  • Asset Division Court Proceedings: If you cannot agree on distribution and must go to court to determine the division of high-value assets, an attorney can assist with the hearing process. You’ll need documentary evidence and strong arguments to protect your interests.
  • Hiding Assets: It’s more common for a spouse to hide assets to avoid splitting them with a spouse. At times, a partner may be tempted to transfer ownership of marital property to avoid having it considered for purposes of spousal maintenance. A skilled attorney can use legal tools to identify these concealed assets and bring them before the court.

Discuss High Asset Divorce Issues with a Chicago Divorce Lawyer

Dividing up marital property in most divorces is a hotly contested issue, but the situation may be even more challenging in a high-asset divorce. Spouses often tie emotion to an item’s value, clouding what should be a fair and equitable distribution of property. An experienced attorney can guide you through the complexities of high asset divorce and protect your interests in certain types of property. The knowledgeable lawyers at Hammer Serna & Quinn, LLC, are on your side no matter what the value of your marital estate, both in court and during negotiations with your spouse. If you have questions about high asset divorce issues, please contact our Chicago office by phone or use our online form to schedule a consultation.

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