Chicago Parenting Time Attorney

Chicago Parenting Time Attorney

If you and your spouse are moving toward divorce, one of the most critical elements involves working out a parenting time schedule you are comfortable signing off on. While you both should want what’s best for your children, coming to terms with the fact that your children’s time will be split between the two of you can be exceptionally difficult. If you need to pin down a parenting time schedule, an experienced Chicago parenting time attorney can help.  

Your Child Custody Arrangements

In Illinois, what was previously known as child custody is now referred to as parental responsibilities, and it is broken down into legal decision-making authority and parenting time. Parenting time refers to whom the children live with, and it can be either sole or joint. 

Generally, it is best if the parents agree on a parenting time arrangement among themselves, which the court will then review and approve (in most cases). However, if parents are not able to agree, and negotiation or litigation is necessary, seeking guidance from an experienced Chicago parenting time attorney is highly advised.

Your Parenting Time Schedule

Regardless of the type of custody arrangement, however, divorced or separated parents must implement a parenting time schedule that is appropriate for the situation. Consider all of the following issues that must be addressed in your parenting time logistics: 

  • Scheduling during the School Year – It’s obviously important to have a workable, reliable plan when it comes to your parenting time schedule for the school year. Having a plan in place that accommodates the unexpected – such as sick days – in relation to each parent’s flexibility and availability is key.
  • Scheduling during School Breaks and Vacations – School breaks and vacations must also be accounted for. Identifying each break and vacation recognized by the school is a good place to start. Most schools and workplaces allow time off for (at a minimum) the “big six,” which include New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Dividing these up equitably (fairly in relation to each of your priorities) can help ensure that you both get your fair share of time with the children when you’re not under the constant pressure of competing work and school schedules.
  • Scheduling Driving Duties – If you have kids, you know that they require lots and lots of driving. As such, including each of your driving schedules in your parenting time schedule is imperative. Knowing who will be picking up who at any given time helps ensure that your parenting time schedule runs smoothly and efficiently.

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