Complex Divorce Attorney Evanston

Complex Divorce Attorney Evanston

Every divorcing couple experiences their own challenges, but some divorces are complex, to begin with, for a variety of primary reasons. Without focused legal guidance from the start, you can be at a disadvantage when it comes to protecting your rights throughout a complex divorce. Make the call to an experienced complex divorce attorney in Evanston today. 

Financial Complications

Often, divorce complexities are rooted in financial matters. Consider the following common examples:

  • Divorces involving high assets
  • Divorces involving business ownership
  • Divorces involving complicated financials, such as joint partnerships or thick financial portfolios
  • Divorces involving multiple real estate properties

There is also the matter of determining which assets are marital and which are separate. Consider the following:

  • Assets obtained during a marriage are marital unless they were a gift or inheritance made in one spouse’s name alone.
  • Assets owned solely by one spouse prior to marriage only remain separate if they are kept separate throughout the marriage, which can be a difficult bar to clear. 
  • Any increase in a separate asset’s value may be classified as marital.
  • Putting a value on high-dollar assets that both spouses are willing to sign off on can be especially challenging.
  • The greater the assets involved in the divorce, the more wiggle room there is for hiding assets or for one spouse to otherwise pull one over on the other – especially when one spouse is more involved in the family’s overall finances than the other.

Complications Involving Child Custody

While any divorce involving child custody concerns in which there is significant distance between the parents’ positions on the matter includes serious challenges, there are several factors that tend to kick things up a notch, including:

  • When the primary custodial parent is poised to move a significant distance away
  • When the matter has become a battle
  • When one parent is determined to go the distance in terms of locking in their own wishes – with no interest in negotiations or even in the children’s best interests

The fact is that emotions tend to run high when it comes to both parental and financial rights, and when the stakes are amplified, it can lead to divorce fireworks. 

Divorces that Are Resolved in Court

Ultimately, if you and your divorcing spouse simply cannot resolve one or more of your divorce terms, you’ll need to proceed to court. This – by definition – makes your divorce complex, regardless of the complicating factors. While the vast majority of Illinois divorces are settled out of court, this isn’t always the case, and if your divorce is headed toward litigation, you can expect additional challenges that include preparing for trial. 

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