Deerfield Complex Divorce Litigation

Deerfield Complex Divorce Litigation

If you are contemplating a divorce, have been served with divorce papers, or simply have questions about what a divorce might mean for you in your situation, you don’t have to face these difficult concerns on your own. Experienced Deerfield complex divorce litigation attorneys are standing by to help.

The Terms of Your Divorce

Your marriage isn’t exactly like anyone else’s marriage, and your divorce will be similarly unique. Some people have more complex issues to resolve than others, and this brings more complicated legal concerns. 

This said, however, the terms of divorce remain the same for everyone who goes through it, including:

Negotiating the Terms of Your Divorce

Any of the terms of divorce that apply in your situation will need to be negotiated between you and your divorcing spouse. In the end, the majority of Illinois divorces are settled out of court, which means they aren’t litigated. If you and your divorcing spouse, however, are too far apart on one or more of the terms or if your spouse refuses to engage in reasonable negotiations, proceeding to court may be your best option. Litigation is more common in complex divorces.

Negotiating terms with your spouse does not necessarily mean that you’ll have to reach agreements entirely between yourselves. Instead, you can look to your respective divorce litigation attorneys to skillfully negotiate on behalf of each of you. From here, there are alternative dispute resolution (ADR) options, such as mediation) to consider. 

At Mediation

At mediation, you and your divorce litigation attorney and your spouse and theirs will come together to explore your options under the guidance of a professional mediator. While mediation is only binding if you both sign off on mutually acceptable terms, many people find the process motivating. For example, the mediator will help you both understand how the court is likely to rule in your unique case, which may help move the needle on your negotiations. It’s important to note, however, that if your spouse is committed to making the divorce process as difficult as possible, cutting your losses and heading straight to litigation may be your most viable option. 

Divorce Court

Your seasoned divorce litigation attorney will help you determine if divorce court is right for you and will ensure that you are well prepared for divorce court if it is. If your case is resolved in court, it means abdicating your power to make decisions that directly affect you and your children, which makes being ready to proceed paramount. Even if your spouse seems bound and determined to continue fighting and embrace court head-on, this does not mean that they won’t lose the stomach for it along the way. Divorce court is not binding until you have final orders, which means there’s always a chance that your case will settle prior to the judge’s final ruling. 

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