Deerfield Divorce Attorneys

Deerfield Divorce Attorneys

When you and your partner decide to get a divorce, it can induce a variety of emotions. You may feel angry at the other party for your unsuccessful marriage. There may be sadness for the loss of a friend. Most of all, it’s common to feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of change headed your way. Regardless of what you’re feeling, it helps to work with Deerfield divorce attorneys who will maintain a level head throughout your entire divorce proceedings. This will allow you to focus on healing while leaving the confusing legality of your divorce to the experienced lawyers. 

Types of Divorce

The way that your divorce proceeds may depend on the type of divorce that you are having. Though it’s not often discussed, there are six different categories of divorce that a couple may go through. Each of them has its own individual set of circumstances, and proceedings can vary depending on the divorce type. The types of divorce are:

  • At-fault

An at-fault divorce means that one person has done something wrong to cause the other party to request a divorce. Such wrongdoings may include but are not limited to adultery, abandonment, mental illness, and criminal conviction. At-fault divorces are not valid in many states, including the state of Illinois, as it requires proving that one spouse did something wrong. 

  • No-fault

Since 2016, Illinois has been a strictly no-fault divorce state. This means that residents may only file for a divorce if there are irreconcilable differences in the marriage. In other words, it does not force either spouse to prove that the other party did something wrong in the relationship. Rather, the reason behind the divorce isn’t significantly focused on. 

  • Contested and Uncontested Divorce

As the name suggests, a contested divorce occurs when both parties are unable to agree on at least one aspect of the divorce. This may include situations like marital debts and property division. Contested divorces often participate in mediation followed by a hearing in front of a judge. Deerfield Divorce Attorneys can help settle disputes through cordial negotiations. The opposite of a contested divorce is an uncontested divorce. Both parties agree on the terms of the divorce and don’t often require their case to be seen by a judge. 

  • Default Divorce

If your partner doesn’t respond to the divorce paperwork served to them, you may be permitted to enter a default divorce. This occurs after a certain amount of time when your spouse cannot be found. 

Work With Experienced Deerfield Divorce Attorneys

Regardless of the type of divorce that you and your current spouse are going through, the divorce proceeding process can be complex. It helps to have knowledgeable Deerfield divorce attorneys to support you and guide you on the journey. At Hammer Serna & Quinn, LLC, we can guide you down the roadmap to divorce and ensure that all necessary steps are being taken. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you through your divorce. 

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