Evanston Family Law Attorney

Evanston Family Law Attorney

There are many different fields of practice that an attorney may specialize in. One of the most common fields of legal practice is family law. Family law is a form of practice that focuses on family relationships. Such relationships may include but are not limited to marriage, child-parent involvement, and adoptive child-parent relationships. Under each relationship in a family is a different subset of categories that may pertain to them in family law. Learn more about family law below and how an Evanston family law attorney can help throughout the duration of your family law case. 

What Cases an Evanston Family Law Attorney May Manage

There are a few common cases that an Evanston family law attorney may handle. These include:

  • Divorce

Divorce is a very specific subspecialty of family law. In a divorce, there are many considerations that both spouses and attorneys must recognize, so staying up to date with the current laws and regulations surrounding an Evanston divorce are essential. Some aspects of divorce that an attorney may help their client manage include complex divorces that involve high net worth or property division, spousal maintenance or alimony negotiations, and trial support when divorce terms are contested. A divorce attorney may manage all aspects of the divorce to ensure that you are receiving fair treatment and protecting the assets you find most valuable. 

  • Pre- and Postnuptial Agreements

The writing and approval of a prenuptial agreement occur before the marriage is official and details how they agree to divide assets in the case of a divorce. This is a binding contract. The contract may define what assets are non-marital, meaning that they are solely owned by one partner. Further, it may determine how debts are to be divided and if spousal maintenance, or alimony, is to be paid. A postnuptial agreement is very similar in terms of content, but it is written after the partners are married. An Evanston family law attorney can draft those agreements with you to ensure that all assets are being accounted for. 

  • Child Custody, Paternity, and Child Support

When children are involved in the family picture, situations can become more complex. This is true for cases of divorce, as child custody determinations must be made to ensure that the best interest of the child is maintained. Another aspect of family law is in establishing paternity, where if a child is born outside of marriage the father may be granted legal rights of the child. Further, in the case of divorce or an out-of-wedlock child, child support payments may be required to provide the child with adequate resources. An Evanston family law attorney can walk you through cases relating to child disputes, as they may become emotionally tolling.  

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