Glenview Complex Divorce Litigation

Glenview Complex Divorce Litigation

Going through a divorce can be stressful for all parties involved. This is especially true as more time passes or more assets are involved. When there are more ties and connections between two spouses, the divorce can be considered complex. This is because in a divorce, assets are typically divided to ensure that each person’s quality of life is relatively consistent both pre- and post-divorce. Thus, the more assets shared between spouses, the more negotiations and splitting of property are required. Because these divorces are difficult to manage without an experienced guide, consider working with an attorney with knowledge of Glenview complex divorce litigation. 

What Makes a Divorce Complex

Divorce is not an easy situation, regardless of how long you’ve been together or the assets involved in the marriage. It is emotionally tolling for everybody, especially both spouses since what they expected from their relationship is not coming to fruition. However, for couples that have increased income, assets, or time put into their relationship, the divorce complex can be even more complex. Below are some of the reasons that a divorce may be more complex. 

  • High Net-Worth

When you enter a marriage with large financial assets or gain significant worth in your marriage, it can make divorce more difficult. This is because divorce in Illinois does not discriminate against worth. That means that regardless of how much you entered the marriage with or earned throughout its duration, you may still be required to split assets with your current partner. However, if there was a pre- or postnuptial agreement in place, this might not be the case depending on the terms of your arrangement. Traditionally, though, high-asset divorces are complex because it increases the chance of disputes. If these disputes arise, it’s helpful to have a knowledgeable Glenview complex divorce litigation attorney on your side. 

  • Complex Property Division

The more property you collect in your marriage, the more likely litigation will be. This is because there might be differences in thought between you and your spouse about how to split those assets equally and fairly. Some assets that may pose difficulty in dividing include but are not limited to the matrimonial house or other real estate holdings, antiques and heirlooms, or retirement and pension funds. 

  • Long-Term Marriage

The longer that time is spent in a relationship, the more difficult it is to split from. This is because you’ve likely acquired more assets together in the marriage as years went on. Further, there may be stronger emotions connected to a divorce after a substantial time, as you’ve shared memories and history together. This can create a complex marriage dissolution

How a Glenview Divorce Attorney Can Help You

Working with a Glenview complex divorce litigation attorney can provide you with knowledge and support throughout the entire divorce proceedings. This is likely needed more when the divorce becomes more complex, as an attorney can act as a third party in negotiations to hopefully allow them to function more smoothly. If you’re going through a complex divorce, consider reaching out to the experienced Glenview divorce attorneys at Hammer Serna & Quinn, LLC. Our talented team can help you through whatever your divorce throws at you. Contact us today to request a consultation. 

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