Glenview Divorce Lawyer

Glenview Divorce Lawyer

At Hammer Serna & Quinn, LLC, our Glenview divorce lawyer is standing by, ready to protect your family law rights and financial interests. Our firm handles all aspects of divorce—from mediation to litigation. If you have any specific questions or concerns about the divorce process in Illinois, we can help. For a strictly confidential case evaluation with an experienced Glenview divorce attorney, please contact us today. 

What to Know About Divorce Law and the Divorce Process in Illinois

Ending a marriage is never an easy thing to do. Navigating the divorce process can be stressful and confusing. Glenview couples need to know their rights and responsibilities under state law. Here are four important things to understand about divorce in Cook County: 

  • Residency Requirement: Illinois has a 90-day residency requirement for filing a divorce petition. In order to be eligible to file for divorce in Cook County, either you or your spouse must have lived in Glenview (or elsewhere in the county) for at least three months.    
  • Only No-Fault Grounds for Divorce: The divorce process in Illinois is designed to be forward-looking. Recent reforms eliminated fault-based divorce. The only remaining grounds for divorce in Illinois is irreconcilable differences. 
  • Marital Property Split in a “Fair” Manner: Each party to a divorce in Illinois is entitled to keep full ownership over their separate, non-marital property. In contrast, marital assets are divided in a manner deemed to be fair and equitable to the interests of each spouse. A 50/50 split is possible but not mandatory under Illinois law. 
  • A Child’s ‘Best Interests’ Govern Any Parental Dispute: Parents of minor children face some additional challenges when ending their marriage. They will need to work towards a parenting plan that allocates parental rights and parental responsibilities, including decision-making authority and parenting time. Any conflict or dispute over these issues (custody, visitation, etc) will be resolved under the best interests of the child standard. 

You Can Trust Our Glenview Divorce Lawyers for Help

We provide comprehensive family law representation—with a focus on ensuring that all relevant issues are resolved, so that our clients are in the best position to move forward. Among other types of family law matters, our Glenview divorce attorneys assist clients with: 

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