Northbrook Complex Divorce Lawyer

Northbrook Complex Divorce Lawyer

No two divorces are alike. Each person is living through different situations which require various logistics in the divorce process. Unfortunately, this means that some divorces are more complicated than others are. These complex divorces require greater knowledge and experience in the more intricate details of divorce. For such situations, it may be best to work with a Northbrook complex divorce lawyer. Learn about what types of cases complex divorce attorneys are best at managing. 

High Net-Worth Divorces

When either one or both parties in a divorce are high-income earners or have significant assets, it can make the divorce more complicated. This is because in a divorce, the court typically requires the equitable splitting of assets to ensure that the quality of life on both sides is maintained. In Northbrook, this does not change just because assets are increased. Rather, it becomes more difficult. Financial ramifications such as tax issues and business interests need to be managed to reduce risks. Further, though spousal support is not mandatory in Illinois law, it is often an issue in divorces with high net-worth parties. By working with a Northbrook complex divorce lawyer, you can be sure that they will have the skills and experience required to protect your interests. 

Property Division

It is common for spouses to share property such as a matrimonial home or a shared bank account. However, when there is more than one complex property involved, the case gets even more complicated. Examples of complex properties that may require more input from an experienced attorney in negotiating the division of property include but are not limited to real estate holdings, pensions, antiques and heirlooms, business interests, and retirement accounts. The issues that appear frequently with complex property divisions are based on situations like tax ramifications and estate planning complications. When you’re going through a divorce with significant marital property involved, it could be beneficial to hire a Northbrook complex divorce lawyer to advise you through the process.

Long-Term Marriage Dissolution

Many people in relationships know they aren’t meant for each other after just a few years of marriage. The average periods that divorces occur in the United States is after two years and then between five and eight years of marriage. The more time that passes for you to file for divorce, the more complex it becomes. This is because more is involved in your marriage that requires separation. This includes but is not limited to property ownership, joint business ownership, greater assets, and spousal contribution to the other’s career pathway. Long-term marriage dissolution is complex and requires the experience of a knowledgeable attorney.

Hire a Northbrook Complex Divorce Attorney

Divorces can be complicated. It helps to have someone with experience in complex divorce proceedings to have your best interest in mind. If you’re going through a complex divorce in Illinois, consider reaching out to a Northbrook complex divorce attorney. They can walk you through the complexities of divorce and ensure that you are following the steps properly. Hammer Serna & Quinn, LLC, is a knowledgeable group of attorneys that can guide you through your divorce. Contact us today for a consultation. 

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