Northbrook Divorce Attorneys

Northbrook Divorce Attorneys

Every couple’s divorce journey is unique to them, but all divorcing couples face the same basic obstacles that include resolving the primary terms of divorce. Because each such term can directly affect your rights as a parent as well as your financial future, putting considerable effort into negotiating each divorce term that applies in your situation is critical. Fortunately, an experienced Northbrook divorce attorney can help you with that. 

The Fair Division of Marital Property

In Illinois, marital property refers to all assets acquired during the marriage – with no consideration for who made the purchase or for whose name is attached. Upon divorce, marital property must be divided between the spouses equitably in relation to factors like the following:

  • Each spouse’s age, overall health, employability, and earning potential
  • The tax implications of the division under consideration
  • Each spouse’s separate assets 
  • Each spouse’s contributions to overall martial assets, including contributions related to homemaking and the provision of childcare

While separate assets remain the property of the original owner, the dividing line between separate and marital is not as clear as you may think. 

Child Custody

In Illinois, legal custody is termed parental responsibilities, and it refers to how you and your ex will handle primary parenting decisions like the following moving forward:

  • Your children’s healthcare
  • Your children’s education
  • Your children’s religious education
  • Your children’s extracurriculars

Physical custody is referenced as parenting time, and it refers to the schedule that guides how you and your children’s other parent will split your time with them. While parenting time schedules can vary considerably, they can all be classified in one of the following ways:

  • One parent is assigned visitation, while the other becomes the primary custodial parent 
  • Both parents are assigned a more equal division of parenting time

Child Support

Illinois has a standard child support calculation methodology in place that factors in a range of primary considerations. The parent who has higher earnings, however, is very likely to have the child support obligation – regardless of whether or not the other parent is assigned primary custody.


In Illinois, alimony is referenced as spousal maintenance, and it is only ordered – generally for a set duration – when the divorce leaves one spouse without the financial ability to support themself at the same level while the other has the financial ability to provide assistance. The duration of alimony is generally set for the amount of time the recipient needs to gain greater financial independence. 

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