Northbrook Complex Divorce Attorney

Northbrook Complex Divorce Attorney

Divorce is never simple, but it can be more challenging when you have complex issues at stake. 

It is critical that you take the matter seriously by reaching out to an experienced Northbrook complex divorce attorney today. 

The Division of Your Marital Property

An issue that every divorcing couple must face is the fair division of their marital property. Marital property refers to anything either of you came to own separately or together while you were married – regardless of how ownership is assigned. If the asset came to you while you were married, it is a marital asset, with the sole exception of gifts or inheritances that either of you received in your name alone. 

In Illinois, marital property must be divided equitably between the parties, which means fairly – when a range of considerations are factored in – but does not necessarily mean equally. When you have high assets or complex property, it can make the division process more contentious and challenging. You need an attorney who knows how to value your property and ensure you receive your fair share. 

Child Custody Arrangements

In Illinois, child custody is addressed in terms of parental responsibilities and parenting time, which refer to what you may think of as legal custody and physical custody, respectively. Parental responsibilities spell out how you and your ex will tackle primary parenting decisions post-divorce. Your options include:

  • One of you having sole legal custody
  • Both of you sharing joint legal custody equally
  • Both of you sharing joint legal custody equally, but one of you having the authority to break a tie if negotiations break down to the point of no repair
  • Both of you dividing the parenting decisions between you according to the kind that needs to be made

Those categories of decisions that are addressed by legal custody include all the following:

  • Decisions about your children’s schooling
  • Decisions about your children’s religious upbringing
  • Decisions about your children’s healthcare needs
  • Decisions about your children’s participation in extracurricular activities

Physical custody, on the other hand, determines how your children will divide their overnights between you and their other parent’s homes. 

When one parent is unfit or seeks sole custody, parenting issues become more complex. 

Child Support

The State of Illinois has a child support calculation process in place, and while a range of variables go into the determination, the parent who earns more typically pays child support to the other parent – even when you share overnights evenly.


The State of Illinois only awards alimony – outside of valid prenuptial agreements – when a divorce leaves one spouse unable to provide for themself while the other has the means to offer support. Alimony is certainly one issue that complicates a divorce, and you need a lawyer who can address this complex matter. 

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