Divorce: The Top Five Mistakes to Avoid

Divorce is part of life. According to data from the Illinois Department of Public Health, more than 25,000 divorces are finalized in the state in the average year. While divorce is far from rare, mistakes in the divorce process are quite common. If you are preparing for a divorce, you can go a long way toward protecting your rights and interests by avoiding the most common errors. Here, our Chicago divorce attorneys highlight five of the most common mistakes that you should avoid if you are getting ready to end your marriage in Illinois. 

Mistake #1: Assuming That a Divorce Needs to be a Fight

In Illinois, all divorces are finalized on the no-fault grounds of irreconcilable differences. Furthermore, the vast majority of divorces are uncontested. Even if there is serious conflict between you and your spouse, there does not always need to be a fight. It is best to enter the divorce process looking for amicable solutions. 

Mistake #2: Failure to Organize Financial Documents, Records, and Other Key Information

Many people run into problems during the divorce process because of lack of organization. One of the best steps that you can take to protect your rights and interests is to carefully gather and organize all relevant information—particularly your financial records. The better organized you are in the early stages of the process, the easier it will be to move forward. 

Mistake #3: Putting the Children in the Middle

Divorce is even more difficult for parents of young children. Parents should never put their kids in the middle. While it is understandable that conflicts can arise over children, it is important to understand that Illinois favors cooperative parenting whenever possible. Any dispute of parental decision-making authority and/or parenting time will be resolved by assessing the best interests of the child. 

Mistake #4: Not Taking a Future-Focused Approach

The primary goal of a divorce is to untangle your financial and legal affairs from your spouse. In doing so, a divorce should put you in the best position to move forward with your life. It is a big (and common) mistake to use the divorce process to try to litigate personal conflicts. Ultimately, it is better to take a forward-focused approach. 

Mistake #5: Waiting too Long to Seek Professional Legal Help

Divorce is complicated. You do not have to go through it all alone. One of the best things you can do to protect your rights and avoid mistakes is to consult with an experienced Illinois divorce lawyer as early as possible in the process. An experienced family and divorce attorney will help you devise the right strategy for your case. 

Speak to a Divorce Attorney in Chicago, IL

At Hammer Serna & Quinn, LLC, our Chicago divorce lawyers provide reliable, common-sense legal guidance and support to our clients. We help people avoid the most common divorce mistakes. Call us now or connect with us online to book your initial appointment. From our law office in Chicago, we provide legal representation in Cook County and throughout Northern Illinois. 

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