How To Find The Right Divorce Lawyer For Your Family

Divorce refers to the legal dissolution of the marriage contract, and while it puts your financial and parental rights on the line, there is so much more to it than that. Your divorce is likely to affect your children just as much as – if not more than – it affects you, which makes it important to take your whole family into consideration in your search for an Illinois divorce lawyer. 

The Big Picture

Your divorce will be specific to your family and your unique concerns, but the basic terms of divorce don’t vary and include:

The stress and uncertainty of divorce has a tendency to push those experiencing it into a fight or flight mode in which every detail of every divorce term that applies takes on the exact same importance and becomes a battle. The right divorce lawyer for you will help you better understand how your divorce is likely to play out, which divorce terms are most consequential for you in your specific situation, and how best to proceed. If the divorce lawyer you’re considering is helping you focus on the big picture, it’s a good sign. 

Your Comfort

There is no denying that divorce is a very personal matter. In fact, it’s difficult to imagine anything more personal – which means that you need to be comfortable opening up to your divorce lawyer. If someone doesn’t put you at ease or makes you feel judged, it’s time to keep looking. If, however, you feel the trust and rapport you need to get down to business without feeling squeamish, consider it a good thing. 

A Plan

You shouldn’t head into divorce with a winner take all attitude – or with guns blazing. What you need is a plan, and the right divorce lawyer for you will help you map out your priorities and develop a plan regarding how to go about pursuing them. If, for example, you’re willing to let go of quite a few divorce details in exchange for becoming the primary custodial parent who remains in the family home, let that be your focal point – and let your loosened grip on other matters work to your advantage in the form of leverage.


If you’ve found everything you’re looking for in a divorce lawyer, it’s not going to do you much good if they aren’t available when you need them or if you are relegated to an associate – rather than working solely with the lawyer you’ve come to trust. Talk to your prospective divorce lawyer about their availability, and factor this into your calculation process. 

Find the Right Illinois Divorce Lawyer for You Today

The savvy Illinois divorce lawyers at Hammer Serna & Quinn understand how important finding the right divorce lawyer for your family is, and we take your concerns as seriously as you do. Please don’t delay contacting us for more information about how we can help you today.

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