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At Hammer Serna & Quinn, LLC, our Chicago high-net-worth divorce attorneys have the legal skills and financial know-how to help you navigate a complex marital separation and dissolution. High-income and high-asset divorce cases can be seemingly overwhelming in their complexity—you do not have to go through the legal process alone. If you are preparing for a high-net-worth divorce, we can help. To set up a confidential consultation with a top-rated Illinois lawyer, please contact our Chicago law office today.

What Makes High-Net-Worth Divorces Different?

While the divorce laws in Illinois are largely similar regardless of your financial means, spouses with significant assets and high income face some additional challenges. With more on the line, it is imperative that high-net-worth individuals take action to protect their rights and interests. Here are three key things that make high-net-worth divorce cases different: 

  • Complex Property and Assets: High-net-worth couples often own complex property and assets. These can be more difficult to split up in a divorce. There may be major financial ramifications—from preparing for tax issues to protecting business interests. Additionally, there may be the need to retain experts to assist in determining the value of certain assets. It is crucial that you retain an attorney with the skill and experience to know when to call upon these experts to protect your interests. 
  • Spousal Support Often an Issue: Spousal support is not guaranteed under Illinois law. However, it is frequently an issue in high-net-worth divorce cases. You need to know your rights and legal obligations in regard to spousal maintenance. Furthermore, the income of a high net-worth spouse is more difficult to ascertain and requires an experienced attorney well versed in tax and business practices.  
  • Greater Chance of Litigation: Finally, high-net-worth divorces are disproportionately likely to end up in a dispute. As there is a higher risk of litigation, it is crucial that you take immediate action to protect your rights. A proactive approach can make a dramatic difference. 

How Our Illinois High-Net-Worth Divorce Attorneys Can Help

There is a lot at stake for high-asset couples who are preparing for divorce. At Hammer Serna & Quinn, LLC, we provide proactive, results-focused legal representation. When you reach out to our Chicago office, you will have a chance to work with an Illinois divorce attorney who can: 

  • Answer your questions and explain the process during a comprehensive consultation; 
  • Thoroughly inventory your assets—ensuring you know the true value of what you own; 
  • Help you work towards an amicable resolution during settlement negotiations; and
  • Take aggressive legal action to protect your rights and help you overcome any obstacles.   

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At Hammer Serna & Quinn, LLC, our Illinois high net worth divorce attorneys are zealous, creative and solutions-driven advocates for our clients. We have the specialized skills and legal experience to handle the full range of high-net-worth divorce cases. Contact our legal team today for a strictly confidential case evaluation. With an office in Chicago, we handle high net worth divorce cases throughout the Chicagoland area, including in Evanston, Oak Park, Glenview, and Wheaton.

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